Thomas Gottschalk: The super nose Mike Krüger helped to lose weight

Thomas Gottschalk: The super nose Mike Krüger helped to lose weight

Thomas Gottschalk
Super nose Mike Krüger helped slim down

Mike Krüger (left) and Thomas Gottschalk: Good friends can't even do that "terrible vegetable broth" separate.

Mike Krüger (left) and Thomas Gottschalk: Good friends can’t even separate “terrible vegetable broth”.

© imago/Manfred Siebinger

For the return of “Wetten, dass…?” Thomas Gottschalk got himself in shape – with the diligent support of super nose Mike Krüger.

In order for the renewed show comeback of “Wetten, dass..?” To be in top form on ZDF on Saturday evening (November 19, 8:15 p.m.), Thomas Gottschalk (72) has teamed up with an old companion and good friend. Like the showmaster in “Picture”Interview reveals he starved himself a few pounds with the help of super nose Mike Krüger (71): “You will laugh, I was in Switzerland with Mike Krüger to lose weight and detoxify. During the fasting phase there was nothing but a terrible vegetable broth. “

The two were accompanied by Krüger’s wife Birgit (67) and Gottschalks Partner Karina Mroß (60), as evidenced by a photographic evidence that is available to the site and shows the four of them in bathrobes and slippers. “I do it more often, it was a first for Mike. A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved. And we had our wives with us, they had to check whether their stomachs were gone.”

The choice of clothes agony

According to Gottschalk, the audience of millions can then decide for themselves in the evening whether that was successful. However, he has not yet been able to decide in which colorful suit he will cover his slim body. A suit in dark green and a “red tuxedo with a tiger pattern” are therefore available. “Worst case scenario, I’ll change during the show and shock the nation twice.”

When Gottschalk whispers “Great, the bet counts” live from Friedrichshafen, he will do so as usual in the presence of numerous national and international celebrities. Superstar Robbie Williams (48) will perform his current song “Lost” and Herbert Grönemeyer (66) will present a previously unreleased song. Hollywood legend John Malkovich, Michael Bully Herbig, Veronica Ferres with daughter Lilly Krug, Christoph Maria Herbst and tennis star Alexander Zverev take a seat on the betting sofa. Also back is Michelle Hunziker (45) as Gottschalk’s moderation colleague.


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