Thomas Gottschalk moderates “Wetten, dass …?”: That’s what the viewers can expect

“Bet that ..?”
Back to the 90s: That’s why Thomas Gottschalk reminds us of the good old days tonight

Thomas Gottschalk moderated "Bet that ..?"

It was the TV comeback of the year 2021: Thomas Gottschalk moderated the return of “Wetten dass ..?”, which was initially planned once. – and thus attracted almost 15 million people in front of the television sets. Because the show was so successful, he’s doing it again tonight.

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Do it again, Thommy: Twelve months after the “Wetten, dass ..?” comeback, Thomas Gottschalk is again hosting a revival show. The choice of guests promises a journey into the past.

The 90s were the heyday of “Wetten, dass ..?”. From 1994 took over Thomas Gottschalk the program from his predecessor Wolfgang Lippert, who was also his successor. But the East Berliner never found the right tone, and viewer interest fell noticeably in the 14 months. People wanted their Thommy back – and they got it.

With that all was right with the world again. Gottschalk established the format as “Europe’s biggest television show, which no world star could ignore: from Michael Jackson to Madonna, all the important artists performed here. And statesmen from Mikhail Gorbachev to the then Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder also took part in the 90s betting sofa place.

The Franconian continued to moderate the show until 2011, but neither did he reach the glamor of the old days, nor did his successor Markus Lanz. When Thomas Gottschalk moderates a “Wetten, dass ..?” revival for the second time after 2021 tonight, he will not pick up there: his great time in the 90s– years.

“Bet that ..?” like in the 90s

This is particularly evident in the selection of guests, which reads as if the late 90s had never ended. Gottschalk welcomes Veronica Ferres, who had reached her zenith with films like “Das Superweib” or “Rossini”. Michael “Bully” Herbig, who made a name for himself from 1997 with the “Bullyparade”. Hollywood star John Malkovich, after which a film was named “Being John Malkovich” in 1999. Herbert Grönemeyer and Robbie Williams, whose solo career picked up speed from 1996, will also sing.

This guest list sends a clear signal: It’s not just about reviving a show – but about the attitude towards life of a certain era. The moderator had already emphasized this in advance in the “Bild” newspaper: Artist like Lena Meyer-Landrut and Mark Forster are not right here. “In ‘bet that ..?’ you expect world stars and no guests who have to be explained to you by your children,” Gottschalk said in the star-Interview. After all, the program should please the parents.

There is probably a reason why it is mainly the stars of the 90s that Gottschalk is welcoming tonight: it was a short happy phase in which the world seemed fine to many. The fall of the wall and reunification gave hope for an end to the great power blocs and a peaceful world. The collapse of the towers on September 11, 2001 put an abrupt end to these dreams. Today, since war is in again Europe prevails, many of the older viewers are longing for the good old days.

Thomas Gottschalk: “I’m the happy guy in the colorful suit”

But it’s not just the Boomer generation who should be interested in “Wetten, dass ..?” get their money’s worth. Gottschalk is willing to make a few concessions to younger audiences: music comes from Canadian singer Tate McRae. In addition, tennis star Alexander Zverev and the two national football players Alexandra Popp and Giulia Gwinn will act as betting sponsors. And like last time, the social media stars Lisa and Lena provide backstage insights and accompany the show live and digitally.

In the end, it should be an all-round happy package that will ensure stable ratings. It is unlikely that there will be another 15 million. Gottschalk himself will not care. “I was only very happy about the 14 million for a very short time and this time, if it should be less, I will only grieve for a moment,” he said star.

His mission for tonight is: “The nation is sitting around the campfire, and I’m the happy guy in the colorful suit who puts the wood on.”

Source used: “Bild” newspaper, star+

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