This series shows how the world of money ticks

This series shows how the world of money ticks

Nobody wants to mess with him: Corporate boss Logan Roy (middle; played by Brian Cox) is holding court.
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The terrific streaming hit “Succession” also teaches a lot of practical things about stock markets and wealth. It is not without reason that company founders, corporate board members and family entrepreneurs are among the biggest fans.

EThere is a scene in the exciting American streaming series “Succession” (which can be seen in Germany on “Sky Atlantic” and “Wow”), the deeper meaning of which only becomes apparent when you watch it several times. Upstart Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen) has married into the country’s number one media conglomerate, the fictional company Waystar Royco, run by Wambsgans’ bossy father-in-law, Logan Roy (Brian Cox). But the son-in-law simply does not want to succeed in really belonging to the rich and powerful.

Dennis Kremer

Editor in the “Value” section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper.

When he showed up at an industry conference in a particularly eye-catching version of a puffed down vest from the luxury brand Moncler, the family immediately sneered: “Nice vest. What is it filled with, your hopes and dreams?” Even if no one says so: With his performance, Wambsgans violated the unwritten laws that separate the really rich from everyone else. In this world, the number one rule is: no one needs to flaunt their wealth, everyone knows that you have money anyway. In contrast to Wambsgans, his father-in-law wears elegant suits that were specially made for him, but whose exact value is not obvious. The message is clear: the truly wealthy don’t need to splurge.

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