This is what Germany 2022 was looking for

Dusseldorf Google has the top search terms of 2022 in Germany announced. But which search queries did Germans make the most in the current year? What happened in Germany in 2022? The top searches published the alphabet-Subsidiary annually on the Google Trends website. We have summarized the most important for you.

These are the top Google search terms in Germany in 2022

“Ukraine” and “Vladimir Putin”

With a view to the year 2022, it is not surprising that the personal name Vladimir Putin ended up most frequently in Google’s search mask. On February 24, the Russian President ordered the invasion of Ukraine, causing war on European soil. According to Google, the question that people in Germany have asked themselves most frequently in this context is: “Why is Russia attacking Ukraine?”

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Over the course of the year, the war has become the most relevant topic both in terms of the media – based on the headlines – and on a social level (search interest in Germany). “Ukraine” is the most searched general search term in 2022. Other questions Germans frequently asked themselves after the outbreak of war:

  • How old is Putin?
  • How many soldiers does Russia have?
  • What is NATO?
  • What is an oligarch?

“WM 2022” and “Olympics 2022”

The most common search terms in 2022 include two major sporting events, both of which were accompanied by critical voices on the human rights situation in the respective country. While the ball is still rolling at the soccer World Cup in Qatar, the Olympic Games in Beijing came to an end on February 20th. The German athletes won a total of 27 medals – twelve of which were gold. The German national soccer team headed by national coach Hans-Dieter Flick, on the other hand, was eliminated in the group stage of the World Cup.


The death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, 2022 also shaped search behavior in Germany. As announced by the British royal family, the Queen died peacefully at the age of 96 at her Scottish country estate, Balmoral Castle. She became queen in 1952 and has reigned longer than any other British monarch before her. The word “Queen” ranks fourth among the most common search terms in 2022.

Other topics that were frequently searched for in 2022

Climate change was also in the spotlight of search interest in 2022. Above all the Sahara dust, which blew as far as Germany several times this year and colored the sky orange-yellow. In addition, the Germans often asked themselves questions about renewable energies, sustainability and ecology. “What is climate change?”, “How do wind turbines work?” or “What is the ecological footprint?” are among the most frequently asked questions in Germany in 2022.

The most common search terms in 2022 at a glance

General search terms:

  1. Ukraine
  2. World Cup 2022
  3. Olympics 2022
  4. queen
  5. Vladimir Putin
  6. monkey pox
  7. Women EM 2022
  8. Nations League
  9. Jeffrey Dahmer
  10. Storm gust warning


  1. Ukraine
  2. monkey pox
  3. 9 euro ticket
  4. heat warning
  5. layla
  6. Will Smith
  7. Taiwan
  8. energy flat rate
  9. Qatar
  10. citizen money


  1. Vladimir Putin
  2. Johnny Depp
  3. Amber Heard
  4. Boris Becker
  5. Novak Djokovic
  6. Finn Kliemann
  7. Tina Ruland
  8. Will Smith
  9. Harald Gloöckler
  10. Anouschka Renzi

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