This is how the process is planned

Am Monday, September 19, will be the state funeral for Queen Elizabeth II. held in London. She died on September 8th at her country home in Balmoral, Scotland, aged 96. As the palace recently announced, the Queen is to be buried with her family after a state ceremony on Monday evening in Windsor in St George’s Chapel. People in the UK get an extra day off in return. On FAZ.NET you can follow the funeral ceremonies on Monday in the live blog and in the live stream.

The timing

Queen Elizabeth II’s body is currently at Westminster Hall in London laid out. There the public has until Monday morning at 6:30 a.m. local time, that is 7.30 am German time, the opportunity to say goodbye to the deceased regent.

Around 11:44 a.m German time, the coffin is carried in a procession on a carriage drawn by 98 marines from Parliament’s Westminster Hall to nearby Westminster Abbey. Behind the coffin walk the four children of the queen: the new king Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. They are followed by heir to the throne Prince William, his brother Prince Harry and Princess Anne’s son Peter Phillips, as well as other male royals and members of the royal household.

Around 11:52 a.m should the coffin at the Westminster Abbey where the funeral service will begin at 12 noon. Hundreds of heads of state and government from all over the world are expected to attend the state ceremony. Up to 2200 people can be accommodated in Westminster Abbey.

It was in this church that young Elizabeth was crowned Queen in 1953. She married her husband there six years earlier Prince Philip. The last time a monarch was buried at the Abbey was in the 18th century, but the last royal family funeral was held at the Abbey in 2002 for the Queen’s mother, the ‘Queen Mum’.

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