This is how the holiday will be relaxing – economy

This is how the holiday will be relaxing - economy

Well recovered? Relaxing holidays don’t always work out that well. If you pay attention to these four factors, you are already on the right track.


Elisa von Grafenstein

You’ve been looking forward to your vacation for so long. And then it suddenly degenerates into pure stress – and the recovery is gone. Especially in Corona times it is often difficult to stay relaxed when travelling. Many people urgently need rest: According to one Research by the online travel agency Expedia 79 percent of citizens currently feel ready for a holiday. After all, the Germans are doing quite well when it comes to the number of vacation days they take. Even if it is only a right to four weeks’ holiday per year, the federal citizens have depending on the federal state an average of between 27.4 and 28.8 days off, plus ten to twelve public holidays. Although by no means everyone drives away: only a good half of all German citizens traveled for five or more days in 2021. But how do you really relax on vacation? Answers to the most important questions.

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