This is how the election works in the USA – current information and trends

Washington Anyone who wants to know in which direction the USA is steering politically needs staying power. Because some important states that decide on the majorities in the two chambers of deputies of the US Congress are still not counted.

The so-called midterms are the most important votes between two presidential elections and they are a mood test for US President Joe Biden. Thousands of important positions in the states will be filled, as well as mandates in the Senate and the House of Representatives. So far, the Democrats have had a narrow majority there.

A lot can still change – but some trends can already be seen in the first few hours. Election night at a glance:

The first “wow moment” of election night was the very clear Republican victory in Florida, the 22 million population giant on the east coast. For a long time, the state was considered a swing state, swinging back and forth politically. But now he is finally becoming a red, republican stronghold. First, Republican Senator Marco Rubio defended his Senate seat.

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Above all, the incumbent Republican governor Ron DeSantis can celebrate a real triumph, he won his re-election by a double-digit margin. DeSantis is considered a promising Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential election – and a competitor to Donald Trump, who wants to announce his renewed candidacy for the White House after the midterms.

A strategically exciting state, Pennsylvania, remains in the hands of the Democrats. Josh Shapiro won the gubernatorial election, and John Fetterman won the hard-fought Senate seat. Fetterman’s success against TV doctor and Republican Mehmet Oz – also known as Dr. Oz known – is an indication that the Democrats could limit their losses.

In New Hampshire the Democrats also win the Senate elections. Republican candidate JD Vance, bestselling author of Hillbilly Elegy, which is considered the explanatory book for Trump’s success with the white working class, takes the Senate seat for Ohio.

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They will be important Senate race in Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada and North Carolina. In almost all of these states, the Republican candidates are massively supported by ex-President Trump. How they do not only decides the majority in the powerful US Senate, but is also considered a signal as to whether Trump’s support is still useful.

In the House of Representatives, a narrow majority of Republicans continues to emerge. However, the lead is likely to be less than initially expected. At least on the east coast, the Democrats are “overperforming” in some places, two shaky constituencies in the state of Virginia and one in Rhode Island have already defended Biden’s party – the president has already called the congressional candidates to congratulate them.

The midterms are complicated by the fact that the counts could take days or even weeks. The state Georgia for example, could go into the runoff – on December 6th.

Midterms – US midterm elections – What is it about?

2. Midterms 2022: Election glitches overshadow voting

The mood in the US is tense, a radicalized Republican party wants to punish Joe Biden’s Democrats. “Bloodbath!!!!” Donald Trump’s son Don Jr. tweeted shortly after Florida went to the Republicans. Isolated glitches in the election further fueled potential aggression. Some polling stations opened late and a lack of paper was reported.

In times of thriving conspiracy theories, technical errors quickly turn into intentional voter fraud – as can be seen with the example of the western state of Arizona. In the diverse and populous Maricopa County constituency, one in four ballot machines was affected Tuesday by malfunctions – the printers not making the crosses on the ballots dark enough.

Ironically, this constituency was already at the center of Republican efforts in 2020 to declare the presidential election invalid. On the current midterm election night, the Republican party headquarters filed an urgent lawsuit to extend the counts.

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Allegations of alleged electoral fraud are now going viral in right-wing conservative circles. “Are we starting again?” Trump raged on his social network Truth Social on Midterm night. “People will not tolerate this!!!” Almost 300 Republican mid-term candidates are running nationwide, who in the spirit of Trump doubt democratic processes.

US elections are generally considered safe. They are highly decentralized, with 10,000 polling stations controlling the voting. Election computers are used by about every second voter, said Nick Jacobs, election manager in the capital Washington, the Handelsblatt. And even the electronically recorded votes would be counted again by hand to avoid mistakes.


The midterms could have consequences beyond the US.

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Independent election observers from the OECD are in the US and will report on their observations on Wednesday. One early lesson of the Midterms, however, is that distrust in the democratic process is deeply rooted. In 2021, that distrust culminated in the storming of the Capitol by angry Trump supporters.

3. Trump is preparing for 2024 – but is he overestimating himself?

The midterms are still in full swing, but they are already seen as the ramp for the 2024 presidential elections. Despite criminal investigations, Trump in all probability wants to run for the presidency again.

But depending on how well or badly the candidates he supports do, other interested parties are likely to push forward after the midterms: Ron DeSantis, but also Mike Pence, Nikki Haley or Mike Pompeo.

First Midterms results: DeSantis re-elected in Florida

Joe Biden has not said he will run again for the Democrats in 2024. The US President will be 80 on November 20th. Should the Democrats garner even more respect and at least hold the Senate, Biden could give his party a boost — even if his advanced age and record inflation in the country dampen his popularity.

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