This is how the DFB director thinks about the World Cup in Qatar

How did you get to work today?

With the hybrid from Volkswagen.

You can probably guess where the question is headed, sustainability and the energy crisis are big issues, also for football. Many people are concerned about where they can save energy. Has anything changed in your personal life, heat less, shower less, fly less often?

Of course, the crisis also occupies him DFB, we try to help our approximately 24,000 clubs. How can they continue to pay their bills in the future, how can we ensure that the many children, young people and adults can continue to do sports and that the courts and clubhouses are not closed again as they were during the Corona pandemic? I know that our President Bernd Neuendorf is holding many discussions about this in Berlin. Together with the DOSB, we are committed to ensuring that there are funding programs - not only for medium-sized companies or commercial enterprises, but also for mass sport. In my private life I ask myself at many points: How can I use energy even more responsibly and efficiently than before?

And with the national team?

We have a few players who deal with the topic of sustainability and sometimes ask: why do we use plastic cups or plastic bottles here? Can we take non-recyclable ones? We pay attention to sustainability as far as we can. It was a conscious decision to take the train to Leipzig.

Her father worked as a manager in the energy industry. Do you talk to him about the subject?

yes, all the time He was also President of Eurelectric, the industry association for European energy supply. He was able to explain to me in a very exciting way how the world's energy supply works. I also recently listened to an interesting discussion on the topic: How do we deal with nuclear energy? How do we deal with fossil fuels? The answer from all the experts was clear: we have to rely on electricity, we have to consistently expand solar and wind energy. But there are also different opinions among experts as to whether nuclear energy or coal can be completely dispensed with in order to achieve our climate goals.

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