Things are looking up, thanks to Robert Habeck's rain dance

Eit's going up. With Robert Habeck and a, how do you say it correctly now, winning commitment to sustainability with an indigenous background. Wikipedia knows that "Cherokee Indians from the southeastern (Appalachian) United States performed rain dances to induce rainfall and drive away evil spirits". So Habeck said recently under the scorching sun and the impression of the stress test, i.e. the one regarding Germany’s energy, that the stress in the test is subject to dry, calculated extreme assumptions, at some point it will probably rain again. The Federal Minister of Economics can clairvoyantly see how wet we have been this week, and he can even let the grass grow. The garden changes from brown to green.

Holger Apple

Editor in business, responsible for “Technology and Engine”.

* * *

This is not only good news politically, but also financially. Recently, the President of the Savings Banks and Giro Association had announced, somewhat untypically alarmist, that 60 percent of private households needed all of their income in view of the price jumps in order to be able to cover current expenses, especially for energy and food. According to calculations by the savings banks, a monthly net income of 3,600 euros is required for each household. That seems tight to us, but gas prices are falling, stock market prices are rising – and it's raining. Which is why the nuclear-flabby Frenchman will need less electricity from Germany, Germany will have to burn less gas that is not available to generate it, and the savings banks should simply recalculate. At the end of this week, only 3500 euros will be necessary, and we'll knock the rest on the head independently.

* * *

For example for the purchase of a Mercedes-Benz. As long as it still exists. Whenever a touch of optimism threatens to spread, Karl Lauterbach appears. Or Juergen Resch. He is the one-man panic orchestra of the so-called German Environmental Aid and wanted to have Mercedes ban the construction of cars because the climate killers are and the star's SUVs are larger than tanks in World War II. Congratulations on this comparison in these times, unfortunately also still limping. The district court in Stuttgart dismissed the lawsuit, the Ukraine is making military progress, and we don't even know why Heinz Erhardt comes to mind. In any case, life comes from a cell, but sometimes it ends up in one, too, with rascals.

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