These things belong in the emergency stockpile

Not just for disasters: a few supplies around the house are always good. Instead of storing them untouched for a long time, they should be used up and refilled regularly.
Image: Michael Kretzer

Gas crisis, power failure or quarantine, there are a few reasons why it makes sense to prepare for emergencies. So buying more pasta doesn't necessarily help.

Dhe elderly lady in the light beige quilted jacket turns the small pan back and forth in her hand. Well, it will be enough for a fried egg, she says. Together with her husband, who is also dressed in a sporty, elegant way, she has a model of gas cooker explained to them, which, in addition to the gas cartridge and the burner attachment, also includes a small pot. The couple is still undecided and first thanks them very politely for the good advice. The employee at Globetrotter in Frankfurt's Ostend is currently experiencing more and more customers like these, who are more likely to be classified as cultural trips than camping, as he says. When it comes to camping stoves, the outdoor specialist shop still has a fairly wide range, but it has already been thinned out, but this could also be at the end of the season. But the word emergency supply is currently used more frequently in the region's camping departments.

This becomes obvious with crank radios, although the plural is not appropriate here. Exactly one is still available on Thursday morning. The red radio for around 100 euros, which gets its energy from a small solar panel or a crank, is possible given the news power outages been particularly in demand in the past few days. The shelves with the portable solar modules for several hundred euros and with the power banks for cell phone or laptop operation are only sparsely filled. Many people are obviously concerned that the current energy crisis could lead to a major power outage. At the sports and leisure discounter Decathlon in Dreieich, a saleswoman observed that already at the beginning of the Ukraine war, older people were buying camping stoves and water containers.

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