These subsidies are available for everything to do with your own home

In the future there will be less money for new buildings than in the past.
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It doesn’t matter what needs to be done on your own home: the state subsidizes almost everything. But the rules have just changed fundamentally. Here is an overview.

IProperty owners are worth many billions of euros to the state. It promotes the purchase of residential property, age-appropriate conversions and, above all, more energy efficiency through the renovation of existing buildings or the Building low-energy houses. Municipalities, states and of course the federal government have launched numerous funding programs. Since the beginning of the year, some new rules have been in force.

Dyrk Scherff

Editor in the “Value” section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper.

A lot has changed in terms of federal support, the criteria have been tightened, some subsidy rates reduced, some increased or newly introduced. But subsidies of several tens of thousands of euros are still possible, and up to about half of the costs can be borne by the state. The help comes in the form of grants from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (Bafa) and loans with repayment grants from the KfW. The latter means that the entire loan does not have to be repaid, but the amount is reduced by the grant. This shortens the running time. The subsidies are applied for directly or with the help of the house bank before the start of construction work. The earlier you do this in the year, the safer it is, because the budget for it is capped. If you ask too late, you may get nothing.

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