These are the lessons of BVB after the victory in Seville

These are the lessons of BVB after the victory in Seville

EYoussoufa Moukoko had not scored in goal in Dortmund’s clear 4-1 victory Seville, he even had to listen to a few warning words from his coach: “It’s not enough that he plays like this once,” said Edin Terzic about the young striker after an eventful night of football. And yet Moukoko could feel like a big winner when he went to bed sometime well after midnight.

The 17-year-old forward not only made the best Champions League game of his career, he has also shown his critics that he is evolving. Moukoko “moved very well in timing to compensate for this physical deficit that he has against a tall central defender,” explained Terzic, which is exactly what has been worked on in training for weeks.

Dangerous mistakes

In addition, the teenager was “involved in many offensive actions”, which his often completely invisible colleague Anthony Modest had never succeeded in the past few weeks. Almost incidentally, Moukoko had also prepared the 0: 3 and 1: 4, the chances are good that he pushed the permanently pale Modeste out of the starting XI that evening.

But that is only one story of this evening, which can be told from different perspectives. Once again, the Dortmund team offered the best entertainment in a wild football game with brilliant offensive actions. The team had scored four goals in the end, but there were also these in Dortmund well-known moments in which dangerous mistakes happened that a really self-confident opponent would probably have used more consistently. The game had the potential to tip over just like the Bundesliga games against Bremen and in Cologne, which were lost after taking the lead.

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