The VW ID.3 has received a facelift

The VW ID.3 has received a facelift

Wo would Volkswagen be in the hit list of electric cars if the ID 3 had been a good car from the start? Unfortunately, visible and tangible stinginess is no longer cool. This mentality has alienated many interested parties. Because the electric counterpart to the Golf drives well in itself, the Wolfsburg chassis can of course do something, and the drive unit has also done a smooth job.

Holger Apple

Editor in business, responsible for “Technology and Engine”.

The now not so new CEO ordered various changes immediately after taking office, some of which can be implemented relatively quickly, others need more time. So it is that a first facelift is pending, and a second round will start at the turn of the year.

From now on, the front sheds its plumpness, interventions on the cooling openings and the front apron as well as the omission of the black bar under the windshield stretch and sharpen the front end. At the rear, split taillights shine into the flap. The effect is a gain after a first inspection.

The front sheds its chubbyness.

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There is probably even more need for action in the material presentation on the inside and the finish on many corners and edges. Revised door panels and seat covers are used here, and many a hard surface is now gently foamed. Clever navigation route planning is important for electric driving, and identification at the charging station should be as easy as with Tesla. Both brings VW on the way. We will try the advances in fashion and technology in a test car as soon as possible.

The installation of larger screens and the correction of the stupid buttons on the steering wheel, the bulky gear selector lever and the missing lighting on the sliders for climate control and radio volume require a little more advance notice. This can be expected in early 2024. At the latest then the ID 3 will finally have an appropriate level. However, the purchase now hurts badly. With the medium-sized battery, you have to calculate 44,000 euros, which is a surcharge of around 5000 euros.

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