The UK is the European leader in offshore wind power

The UK is the European leader in offshore wind power

Vhe world’s largest wind farm recently went into operation. Hornsea 2 is located in the North Sea, almost 90 kilometers off the coast of the east English county of Yorkshire. 165 turbines are now rotating there. Around 1.4 million households are supplied with electricity by the wind farm’s 1.3 gigawatts of installed capacity, reports the operator, the Danish Ørsted group. It is another milestone in Britain’s strategy to expand offshore wind power. Their capacities are expected to increase by a factor of four in this decade.

There’s bigger news every month. Parts of the largest Scottish wind farm called Seagreen have just gone online. Scottish energy company SSE and French oil company Total are behind the £3 billion project. In the far north, the wind is particularly strong and constant. Seagreen is expected to cover the electricity needs of 1.5 million households by 2023.

No other country Europe is expanding offshore wind power as fast as the UK. It is in second place worldwide. With its vast coastline, China has 25 gigawatts of offshore capacity. It is followed by Great Britain with more than 13 gigawatts (GW), followed by Germany (just under 8 GW), the Netherlands (almost 4 GW) and Denmark (2.5 GW). The British have the ambition to expand their offshore wind capacities particularly quickly.

Accelerated approval procedures

The resigned Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised to make the island the “Saudi Arabia of the wind”. Accelerated planning and approval procedures should allow new wind farms to progress more quickly, promises Kwasi Kwarteng, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who has been badly shot at the moment because of his tax plans.

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