“The Rosenheim Cops”: Two representatives enter the commissariat

"The Rosenheim Cops": Two representatives enter the commissariat

“The Rosenheim Cops”
Two deputies board the police station

"The Rosenheim Cops": The acting commissioners Laura Schmidt (Marija Kovčo) and Thomas Schmidt (Moritz von Zeddelmann) star

“The Rosenheim Cops”: The deputy commissioners Laura Schmidt (Marija Kovčo) and Thomas Schmidt (Moritz von Zeddelmann) start with full vigour.

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The two deputies Schmidt and Schmidt join the police station in the new season of the TV series “Die Rosenheim Cops”.

The 22nd season of the popular ZDF evening series “Die Rosenheim-Cops” starts on October 4th at 7:25 p.m. with the episode “Robber Frantz returns”. The investigations are then in the trusted hands of police chief Michael Mohr (Max Müller, 57), commissioner Sven Hansen (Igor Jeftić, 50 ), Commissioner Kilian Kaya (Baran Hêvî, 35) and pathologist Ela Atay (Sevda Polat, 36). As usual, they are actively supported by police secretary Miriam Stockl (Marisa Burger, 49) and police chief Gert Achtziger (Alexander Duda, 67).

Schmidt & Schmidt determine from October 18th

With the episode “The 24 Hours of Rosenheim” from October 18th, two new inspectors will join the action. Will be four episodes long Laura Smith from Frankfurt and Thomas Schmidt from Nuremberg support the murder investigation. Whether and to what extent Ms. and Mr. Schmidt are actually neither related nor related by marriage is a concern for the long-established colleagues.

The deputy commissioners are played by Marija Kovčo (34) and Moritz von Zeddelmann (34). Kovčo was born in Starnberg, has Croatian roots and lives in Munich. She did her acting training at the Munich Film Academy.

Von Zeddelmann was born in Ostercappeln in Lower Saxony and lives in Hamburg. He toured Germany and Switzerland with Friedrich Schiller’s (1759-1805) play “Die Räuber” (1782), played the leading role in the English feature film “51 Degrees North” (2011), whose soundtrack was written by Queen star Brian May ( 75) was written, and he has been part of the cast of the hospital series “Betty’s Diagnosis” and “In All Friendship” since 2020.

That’s what the Schmidt & Schmidt opening episode is about

At the Schafkopf tournament, Jurek Leuner, one of the finalists, is found dead, so investigations begin with the notorious “There was a corpse!” get rolling. The first suspect is Emil Rossbauer (Johannes Herrschmann, 63), the “top dog” at the tournament, who has always won in recent years. This time, however, he threatened to lose against Leuner. But the financial advisor Andreas Gabler (Peter Marton, born 1983) is also the focus of the investigators. He gave Leuner 20,000 euros as an investment for the development of a game app. However, Leuner was not a game app developer at all, but a scammer who had ripped off Gabler. Did Gabler take revenge for this?


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