The right care: The best care tips for leather shoes

The right care: The best care tips for leather shoes

The right care
The best care tips for leather shoes

Loafers are particularly popular at the moment.

Loafers are particularly popular at the moment.

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Leather shoes now and then need an extra portion of care so that they can be used for a long time. These are the most important tips.

Anyone who has invested in high-quality leather shoes should take proper care of them. The sensitive material is known to require an extra portion of love and attention. It is also important in the Care distinguish between suede, patent leather and smooth leather.

The first step: Don’t forget to impregnate!

Before you buy your new one leather shoes runs, you should impregnate your footwear with the right spray. This prevents stubborn stains in rainy weather. A little shoe polish can’t hurt either, so the leather stays supple. Ideally, repeat the procedure year after year at the beginning of the season.

Smooth leather

With smooth leather, you should first remove dirt from the surface of the shoes with a soft brush or a damp cloth. Then treat with a smooth leather care product or shoe polish. As soon as this has soaked in, polish with a dry cloth to make the shoes shine again.


Suede, suede, suede or nubuck leather should be treated with caution. The materials are particularly sensitive to moisture. If the shoes are wet, do not put them under the heater or even dry them with a hair dryer. This makes the leather brittle. Better to leave it for a few days. Then remove the dirt with a brush and just impregnate the shoes.

patent leather

Patent leather is probably the easiest to care for. It is usually sufficient to simply wipe away stains and dirt with a wet cloth. Use shoe polish or patent leather oil for extra shine.

Stay in shape thanks to shoe trees

To ensure that loafers, boots or lace-up shoes stay in shape, you should use shoe trees. Ideally made of wood, as they draw moisture out of the shoes, in contrast to plastic.


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