The Queen's favorite drink leaves shelves empty

Dhe Cocktail Dubonnet and Gin was known to be the Queen's favorite drink Elizabeth II Because so many people in Australia want to toast the queen who died last Thursday with the drink, supermarket chains can hardly keep up with stocking up on the shelves.

The main ingredient, the French aperitif Dubonnet Rouge, has been partially sold out at major liquor chains such as Dan Murphy's and BWS in recent days, the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper reported on Wednesday. Another rush for the vermouth-like drink, first sold in 1846, is expected on Monday, the day of the state funeral.

Between Friday and Sunday alone, sales jumped 465 percent compared to a seven-day trading week. "People were clearly googling what the Queen's favorite drink was and then mixing it themselves," said Tim Carroll of beverage company Endeavor Group.

Elizabeth II is said to have particularly enjoyed drinking Dubonnet with a third of gin, served with half a lemon wedge and ice cubes. The Queen Mum, who died in 2002, is said to have loved the drink.

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