The Queen and the Horses: A Passionate Horsewoman - Sport

The Queen was an exceptional monarch, but horse lovers say she was one of us. It is uncertain what will become of her stud farm and her racing stable.

Her first horses were of wood, and like other little girls putting their dolls to bed at night, Princess Elizabeth made sure each horse was neatly cleaned and unsaddled in its box. She had her first pony, Peggy, for her fourth birthday and ever since, Queen Elizabeth II's love of horses has been ever-present. Several decades later, video shows an elderly lady trying to tame her flock of grandchildren and a pony named Smokey. Little Harry sits in the saddle, William holds the reins and can demonstrate his first leadership qualities. "Just say 'Come on, Smokey'," encourages the grandmother. Smokey then agrees and follows.

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