The Queen and Football: The Hammers Sing for Her Majesty - Sport

Queen Elizabeth II has kept a number of secrets throughout her reign, and some of them have centered around football. As is well known, it was not her favorite sport, but horse racing is said to have been her true passion. But she is shown to have fond memories of the 1966 World Cup, when England won their only title in football history in the final at Wembley. The Queen shook hands with Bobby Moore and the loser Uwe Seeler.

The number one mystery is how she felt about Geoff Hurst's Wembley goal in the final against Germany. The Shakespearean question is: in it or not in it? Mystery number two has to do with club football: Which club did the Queen sympathize with?

For more than a decade, supporters of London Premier League club West Ham United have lived under the belief that the Queen was a "hammer" too. Because in 2009 the newspaper wrote TheMirrorthat the Queen had revealed her secret love to a palace worker who had a crush on Millwall. Millwall is one of the Hammers' many London rivals, and derbies are rare - or only when West Ham are relegated, as fans like to scoff. Buckingham Palace said at the time that the Queen never wanted people to know "whom she supports because she wants to be seen as neutral."

A denial sounds different, they say in London's East End. There it is believed that the Queen was "amused" that the rumor had become independent. They therefore also consider it negligible that Arsenal FC also claimed the Queen's favor because they were the only club team to receive the "Gunners" in the palace for a private audience.

As luck would have it, West Ham had to play a Conference League game against Steaua Bucharest on the day the Queen died. It turned into an emotional homage. Before the Hammers won 3-1, there was a minute's silence, which was interrupted by chanting from the crowd. They intoned the anthem, sang "God Save The Queen".

There was also an interruption in the homage to the late monarch in the Conference League game of the Scottish representative Heart of Midlothian against the Turkish club Basaksehir (0: 4). However, the interruption had another unpleasant background: there were boos from fans.

It is unclear when the canceled Premier League games will be rescheduled

That was for political reasons. Scotland is known to be deeply divided; partly because one camp wants to break out of the UK and the other to stay in the Union. This division could now also be observed elsewhere: While the Glasgow Rangers, who are considered Unionists, immediately sent their condolences on Twitter, the Celtic Glasgow account manager remained missing until he had to announce the cancellation of all games scheduled for the weekend. Also the English premier league decided to cancel the entire day of the game on Friday out of respect for the national mourning that had been ordered. When the games will be made up is open.

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