The number of corona infections is no longer falling

The employee at a test station in Stuttgart carries out a rapid corona test.
Image: dpa

The Germany-wide corona incidence had been declining for seven weeks. The number of infections is now stagnating, as the Robert Koch Institute reports in its weekly report. The number of intensive care patients, however, remains stable.

Dhe relatively long-lasting decline in corona infections in Germany is loud Robert Koch Institute (RKI) came to a standstill. The nationwide seven-day incidence remained relatively stable week-on-week, “after having declined for seven weeks previously.” In the past week it was 242. This emerges from the weekly report of the Berlin institute on Thursday evening, which mainly refers to the previous week.

In addition to the incidence, which is only meaningful to a limited extent, the RKI looks at a number of other indicators. According to the data, the number of severe Covid 19 diseases has not continued to decrease as before. With a view to the intensive care patients infected with Covid-19, there was talk of a “plateau” that had now been reached. A total of 739 people with a corona infection were treated in an intensive care unit by the time of reporting - September 14th. In the previous week the number was 726.

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