The mood changes: majority for approval of tank deliveries

Forsa survey for RTL
The mood changes: Majority for approval of tank deliveries – especially in one party

Gregor Peter Schmitz reports from Davos

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The current RTL/n-tv trend barometer is about, among other things, German military supplies to the Urcaines. The majority supports the government’s decision to supply Marder tanks to the country.


The Germans have clear ideas about tank supplies and how they should be used by Ukraine. According to a Forsa survey, however, the values ​​between East and West and the parties differ greatly.

The debate has been raging since Russia Ukraine brutally attacked: Should Germany and its allies deliver modern battle tanks to Ukraine? The focus of the heated discussion is the question of the Leopard 2. It is the most-produced modern main battle tank in Europe. If other countries want to deliver it to Ukraine, they need the approval of the German government.

Most recently, a majority of Germans supported the German government’s hesitant stance on the issue of arms deliveries. But now there are signs of a change in mood. In the latest survey by the opinion research institute forsa On behalf of RTL Germany, a majority is in favor of allowing partner countries such as Poland to supply the German tank. 54 percent answered yes to this question, 38 percent rejected approval for other states.

Big differences between East and West

However, the values ​​differ greatly from region to region. In East Germany the results are exactly the opposite. Here the majority is still against deliveries and permits, with 37 percent in favor. The differences between the parties are also large. Although there is a majority for approval almost everywhere, it is by far the largest for the Greens at 81 percent. In the SPD it is 61 percent, the approval ratings are similar in the FDP and Union: There it is 66 and 63 percent respectively. In the pro-Russian AfD lies the approval for the approval of tank deliveries at 21 percent.

The results on the use of battle tanks are interesting. Here, a majority of Germans (58 to 32 percent) are clearly opposed to the Leopard 2 being used to recapture the Crimea is used. On the other hand, the Germans are not so squeamish about the question of recapturing the occupied areas in eastern Ukraine. A majority of 53 percent want to provide the invaded country with all the necessary means and weapons for this goal.

Gregor Peter Schmitz reports from Davos

Greens want to retake Crimea

Among the Greens supporters, it is even 73 percent when it comes to recapturing the occupied territories. The Greens are also at the fore when it comes to using the Leopard 2 to retake Crimea. Here the approval ratings are 46 to 40 percent, while the majority of the other parties are against. If it is about the occupied territories, there are also at SPDUnion and FDP have a majority of supporters in favor of the use of the Leopard 2 tank.

Another question that plays a role in the public debate: Has the German government’s hesitant attitude towards arms deliveries damaged Germany’s reputation? A majority of 49 percent now believes that, only 34 percent do not see it as a problem.

Database: Survey period: 1,001 respondents, survey period: January 18 and 19, 2023, statistical error tolerance: +/- 3 percentage points, client: RTL Germany; der stern is part of RTL Germany.

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