“The Masked Singer”: Katja Burkard’s family knew about participation

“The Masked Singer”
Katja Burkard’s family knew about participation

Katja Burkard was in a broccoli costume.

Katja Burkard was in a broccoli costume.

© Pro Sieben/Willi Weber

Katja Burkard was revealed as the broccoli on “The Masked Singer”. Her family knew about her participation.

The ProSieben guessing show”The Masked Singer“Started the seventh season on Saturday evening (October 1st). A star had to take off his mask: In the first episode it happened to Katja Burkard (57). The RTL presenter was in a broccoli costume. How did that happen? “I like to eat broccoli,” reveals the 57-year-old in an interview with ProSieben after the show. It’s her “favorite vegetable”, also has a lot of vitamin C and prevents cancer. “It’s an amazing vegetable,” enthuses Burkard. “It I had a lot of fun breathing life into this vegetable.”

It was “a great honor” for her to take part in “The Masked Singer”. That’s why the “Point 12” presenter didn’t hesitate for long when she was asked. “I love getting out of my comfort zone,” she says of singing in costume. But this was also a challenge: Burkard sweated a lot. “It’s like a dehydration regimen,” she jokes. She was surprised that the advice team consisting of Ruth Moschner (46), Linda Zervakis (47) and Smudo (54) did not unmask her directly: “I would have thought they would recognize me immediately.” However, she worked with a singing teacher to adjust her voice as much as possible. Even with the other prominent participants, she has “no idea” who is under the costumes.

Katja Burkard on “The Masked Singer” participation: “My family knew”

Strict confidentiality rules apply to “The Masked Singer”. However, Katja Burkard could not hide her participation from everyone: “My family knew about it,” she says. “You can’t bring that.” With the relatives “of course you can’t keep it a secret”. How to answer the question “Where are you tonight?” reply? “I don’t know how you would get that on the chain,” says Katja Burkard.

as broccoli she performed the song “So What” by Pink (43). This was also practiced at home – to the chagrin of her daughter Katharina, who said to her at some point: “Mom, I can’t hear it anymore if you keep singing the song.” Burkard promises: “I also swear, Katharina: it’s over now.”


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