The man who lived in Paris airport is dead

Dhe Iranian refugee who lived for 18 years at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris and who inspired Steven Spielberg to create his film “Terminal” is dead. Mehran Karimi Nasseri died of natural causes in Terminal 2F of the airport on Saturday afternoon, an airport spokesman confirmed the German Press Agency in Paris. In mid-September, Nasseri (76), who called himself Sir Alfred, moved back to the airport after previously living in a home and most recently in a hotel.

During a stopover in 1988, the Iranian lost his papers in the transit area. He was no longer able to prove his refugee status and was now not allowed to travel further or back Airport leaving. He then set himself up in Terminal 1.

For years he tried in vain to get admission in several European countries. In 1999 he got a visa for France but stayed in his alcove under an airport escalator where he had made himself at home.

It was not until 2006 that he left the airport for a hospital stay and then lived in a home. Nasseri’s story inspired Steven Spielberg’s 2004 film Terminal, starring Tom Hanks. With the money he got for the film, Nasseri moved to a hotel.

For a few weeks, however, he had been living in the airport again and always sat in the same place with his belongings in a trolley, airport employees reported to the newspaper Le Parisien. Recently he has hardly spoken and stared into emptiness. After the death of the “terminal man,” as he called himself in an autobiographical novel, the airport covered his seat with a white sheet.

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