The lions failed to catch up in the ice hockey thriller in Berlin

15 seconds before the redeeming final siren, the bewilderment in the Berlin ice rink was palpable among the majority of the 10,230 spectators. The polar bears had been ahead 4-0 before the last third. A supposedly comfortable tour. But the lions played a strong final section, while the polar bears dropped a lot. This is how Frankfurt managed to equalize late: it was 4:4 in extra time, which the lions lost through a goal by Berlin’s Melchiori.

The Frankfurters only briefly disturbed an event of a special kind in the German Ice Hockey League (DEL). Instead of 5,000 spectators as in the Frankfurt ice rink, the polar bears regularly attract over ten thousand spectators. And even before the kick-off, they are offered an event with a large-scale light show and fireworks ignited.

But the Berliners not only presented themselves professionally off the ice, the professionals also showed their quality on the ice. Shortly after young Löwen defender Daniel Wirt’s first penalty expired, the Berliners scored the first goal (9th minute) through Kevin Clark. But the Hessians wanted to play along, as evidenced by the bold attacking pace in the first third. However, unlike the lions, Berlin was able to convert its opportunities. Frank Mauer made it 2-0 before the first break (18th). The lions did not play badly in the second round either, only the polar bears were more efficient. Zachary Boychuk shot the puck at 94 kilometers per hour to make it 3-0 (28th) into the goal of Löwen goalie Jake Hildebrandt. As in the first third, Daniel Wirt had to go to the penalty box, when he came back onto the ice Giovanne Fiore scored to make it 4-0 (32nd) for the polar bears.

The fact that the lions kept going offensively only paid off in the last third. Shortly after the restart, Magnus Eisenmenger made it 4-1 (42nd) after good work from defender Kevin Maginot, Dylan Wruck scored the goal to make it 4-2 (52nd). In the furious final sprint, Brett Breitkreuz equalized the game with two goals (59th and 60th) before Melchiori scored the winning goal for Berlin in extra time. So the lions took a point from the capital. In terms of sport, the weekend went well for Frankfurt. The lions had their first home win in the DEL on Friday evening (5:2) in a 5:2 win over Iserlohn.

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