The left wants a substitute for public holidays that fall on weekends

"Die Linke" in the Saxon state parliament has presented a bill to make up for public holidays. The parliamentary group leader Rico Gebhardt justified this on Sunday in Dresden with the regular omission of public holidays without replacement if they fall on a Saturday or Sunday. Public holidays are additional non-working days and are extremely important for recovery.

"It would be fair if the employees would no longer lose these days just because the calendar in the respective year is unfavorable," said Gebhardt. In 85 countries, including Belgium, Spain and Great Britain, public holidays that were omitted due to weekends would be made up for on the following working day. There is no such regulation in Germany.

In Saxony alone there are six public holidays that are tied to a date, argued the Left Party leader. These included New Year's Day on January 1st, Labor Day on May 1st, German Unity Day on October 3rd, Reformation Day on October 31st and the two Christmas holidays on December 25th and 26th. This year, three of these six days were canceled without replacement. Gebhardt called this a grievance.

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