The Jeep Wrangler in the driving report

Dhe name is perhaps not badly chosen: in ancient times, gladiators were well-trained fighters who killed each other for questionable popular entertainment. who jeep Gladiator is supposed to fight, we don’t know, maybe mud holes? This pick-up has the best prerequisites for this, it is based on the Wrangler and looks the same from the front. But behind the driver’s cab, which accommodates the two people sitting in front comfortably and also large people on the rear seat with enough space, there is a load area of ​​153 × 144 centimeters, which is typical for this class, and fortunately the wheel arches do not protrude deep into the load compartment.

The wheelbase is half a meter longer than the four-door, and the length increases to a staggering 5.54 metres, giving it the turning circle of a truck. The approach angle isn’t bad at all, despite the long nose that mars the Gladiator in favor of pedestrian protection. At the back, however, it touches down slightly because of the long overhang.

The Gladiator has that in common with every other pick-up. The other properties make it the currently most off-road flatbed truck: protected underbody, plenty of ground clearance, 76 centimeters fording depth, long suspension travel, reduction gear, limited-slip differential at the rear and endless power. The four-wheel drive is permanent, but the front axle can be switched off. The only engine available is a three-liter, six-cylinder diesel with 264 hp and 600 Nm of torque that sounds a bit strained but bearish. Instruments that display the angle of inclination, among other things, and cameras that clean themselves of dirt support the driver during off-road gymnastics exercises. Instead of a hill descent assistant, the speed can be fixed from 1 to 8 km/h with the shift lever of the automatic transmission.

All-terrain: The underbody is protected, ground clearance is plentiful, the suspension travel is long - and there is plenty of power.

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Jeep Gladiator in the driving report

A fun farm animal

The driver’s cab can be dismantled in individual parts, leaving only the thick roll bar behind. The left foot lacks a support to rest on. Seating position and seats are impeccable, the large wheel for adjusting the lumbar support proves that not everything needs to be adjusted by heavy electric motors.

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