The heat pump alone is not enough

Dhe rent was cheap and the sister-in-law was already there as a neighbor: those were two good reasons for Regina Schrader to move into the apartment in the Lürrip district of Mönchengladbach a year ago. Money is tight because she not only “stands at the machine” every working day for 24 years, as she puts it, but also takes care of her husband at home. The tenant was all the more shocked when the letter recently came in that her gas advance payment would increase from 85 euros to more than 350 euros. "I don't see falling into debt here," says Schrader.

But that will not happen, because the tenant is lucky to have moved into a row of houses that the Düsseldorf housing group LEG has picked out for a pilot project for serial, energy-efficient renovation. On this day, the prefabricated large-area panels for the facade insulation are installed. Then the windows will be insulated, the roof will be replaced - and the new heat pump will be installed in the attic, which will replace the gas heating system. Residents can remain in their apartments during construction. The building with its 47 apartments should be finished in five weeks and will then require 90 percent less energy.

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