The Häfft publishing house from Munich sells homework books

VMany know it from their school days: the homework book. All tasks to be processed were entered there. After school, people switched to calendars. The Häfft-Verlag GmbH Munich offers both. The founders Stefan Klingberg and Andy Reiter have built up a publishing house that employs 35 people. They went to the same elementary school and later got to know each other really well through working for the school newspaper.

They had the idea for the homework books in 1990 in a math class. They wanted to create a homework book that wouldn’t make you black out when you looked at it. Her booklet was soon sold in many schools and in 1996 throughout Bavaria. The publisher now offers around 800 individual articles. “In the very beginning, it was a pocket money project at our school,” says Klingberg. “We are now in the higher single-digit million euro range.”

The 800 articles from the three product categories school articles, calendars and stationery have their own designs. There are notebooks with flowers, stripes, sayings and animals. A notebook costs around 5 euros. The functions of the products are also different. So you offer an album in which you write the important moments in a baby’s development.

Vocabulary books are less in demand

Some items are no longer bought as often because of digitization, for example the vocabulary book, since many students learn vocabulary with apps. Calendars, on the other hand, are still in high demand because some prefer them on paper to digital; then you can write something in it.

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