The Greens and climate protection: Don’t melt into self-pity

The green sit in government and Annalena Baerbock was at the UN climate conference COP 27, but the results are sobering. What does this mean for the Greens?

Annalena Baerbock and Jennifer Morgan (State Secretary at the Federal Foreign Office, editor’s note) need not blame themselves, they negotiated what was possible. The cushioning of climate change impacts by a fund can be seen as a success, which can also be attributed to Baerbock and Morgan. Without them, the fund would not have come about, it was a great goal that had been prepared for a long time. After disasters, it provides immediate aid, for example when people have no access to water and food and diseases are spreading.

Nevertheless, there is virtually no progress in climate protection.

The COP failed when it came to climate protection, the results cannot satisfy either the Greens or anyone else. But a green participation in the federal government does not yet turn the world upside down, we have to be that realistic. It is now important not to melt into self-pity, but rather to implement climate protection in Germany.

What do the Greens have to do in Germany now?

We have to take climate protection seriously here. In Germany, driving forward measures is unfortunately mainly the responsibility of the Greens, although all parties should actually take this seriously. But we have to realize that the FDP and SPD do not follow climate protection as much as we do. In concrete terms, we have to ensure that the German climate protection goals are achieved, otherwise we lose credibility.

And that under a green economics minister who builds LNG terminals and buys gas?

You have to see that in the context of the current crisis, because we were and still are dependent on fossil fuels. The Greens stand for responsible economic policy. We want the fastest possible transformation to sustainable energies, but it just takes time. An economic crisis would not help climate protection either. And the new LNG terminals must of course also be converted for green hydrogen.

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