‘The Goonies’ movie house sold to businessman who opens it to fans

‘The Goonies’ movie house sold to businessman who opens it to fans

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‘The Goonies’ house sold to US businessman – who wants to open it to the film’s fans

The house from the 1985 film "The Goonies"

The house from the 1985 film “The Goonies”

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Movie buffs just got really lucky: a famous Oregon home has been purchased by someone who appreciates it for his role in The Goonies.

It is a cult film that is dear to many fans: “The Goonies” from 1985. Written by Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus, the adventure comedy in which seven children search for treasure was shaped by many who were then even in old age who were heroes for the rest of their lives. In addition to the young stars, an important role in the strip also played – a house.

In real life, the Victorian wooden house is located in the north-west of the US state of Oregon. And recently the owner, Sandi Preston, announced that she was moving and selling the famous property. This caused concern among many film fans – after all, the film is also about the fact that the idyllic neighborhood with its pretty, old-fashioned houses is in danger. A new owner who with the “goonies” If nothing can start, it might have simply been demolished and a new, larger building put on the property. A nightmare for fans.

House from “The Goonies” has been sold

But everything turned out differently. To the happiness. Because the house was bought by someone who is a huge fan of the 1985 film himself and plans to make the famous house accessible to “Goonies” lovers. It is a wealthy businessman from the state of Kansas, Behman Zakeri, who immediately contacted the seller when he heard that the building was on the market. The purchase may have cost him more than 1.6 million US dollars. He doesn’t even want to live in it.

Rather, he would like to make the house a meeting place for “Goonies” fans. “Someone who’s a real ‘goonie’ had to get it to make sure it didn’t go away,” he says. Now he wants to equip the building with objects from the film and open it to fans. For example, he’s thinking about constructing a zipline like the character “Data” constructs in “The Goonies.”

“Goonies” actors are thrilled

The businessman’s ideas are well received by the actors in the cult film. Corey Feldmann, who played “Mouth,” tweeted his heartfelt congratulations to Zakeri on the purchase. And Robert Davi, who played “Jake,” wished for a celebration of the film’s 40th anniversary — at the house in Oregon.

Source: “Los Angeles Times”

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