The future of German football will be decided at the DFB campus

What has he DFB built?

Gbigger is always possible, especially in football. And so at Manchester City one would only smile wearily at what will open in Frankfurt this Thursday. The training center at the English champions has 17 football pitches, and Pep Guardiola had all eight types of pitch commonly used in the Premier League laid out.

At least that’s what they told the German Football Association during a tour of the new DFB campus a few weeks ago. Things are comparatively modest in Frankfurt. Three and a half courts have been created on the site of the former racecourse, one with a hybrid surface, two with grass, half for goalkeepers.

But they also thought big, not only because of the hall with the FIFA pitch of 105 by 68 meters, the only one of its kind in Europe, as the DFB proudly says. Not only does it now have its own places for the first time in 122 years of association history, the previous headquarters in the Otto-Fleck-Schneise was purely an administrative building, but everything else is under one roof.

“Sport shapes the house”: External view of the administration

“Sport shapes the house”: External view of the administration

Image: Thomas Boecker/DFB

The administration, the academy, which – although often equated – is only part of the larger whole called the DFB campus. Above all, however, there is plenty of room for what everything is supposed to be about. “Sport shapes the house,” says academy director Tobias Haupt. The best way to experience this is when you come out of the athletes’ wing with its 30 double and three single rooms and step outside through an airy foyer and, after a few steps, you are in seat number one.

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