The Frankfurt police case continues

The Frankfurt police case continues

Dhe case of the alleged right-wing extremist chat group in the 1. Frankfurt police station could still be tried in court. The Frankfurt Regional Court had originally rejected the charges against the five officials, who are said to have exchanged views in a chat group called “Itiotentreff” and who are also said to have sent around right-wing extremist symbols as well as anti-Semitic and racist content. The public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt has now announced that the Higher Regional Court, whose decision in the case is still pending, has decided in a comparable procedure – to the detriment of the officials.

Accordingly, in a decision dated March 14, 2023, the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court confirmed a judgment of the Gießen Regional Court in proceedings by the Frankfurt public prosecutor’s office. There it was about the revisions of two police officers from the West Hesse Presidium.

Animal Porn Content

The officials are also said to have distributed National Socialist symbols, and they are also accused of violating the Weapons Act. One of the accused is also said to have spread animal pornography and violated official secrets. They were given a suspended sentence or a fine. The officials spread the content in a closed chat with 7 and 12 participants.

These circumstances could also play a role in the Frankfurt proceedings. Because the Frankfurt Regional Court had argued with the rejection of the indictment with the small number of participants. Accordingly, the regional court announced that the main hearing against the Frankfurt officials would be rejected “for legal reasons”. The feature of “distributing” the content is not fulfilled. Rather, freedom of expression applies in this case. The content is only punishable “if the incriminated content is made accessible to a larger group of people”.

However, that was exactly what was not the case in the proceedings with the officers of the West Hesse police headquarters. The spokeswoman for the public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt told the FAZ that the prosecution hoped that this latest decision by the Higher Regional Court would also have consequences for the proceedings in the case of the Frankfurt officials.

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