“The focus should not be on new gas fields”

Ms. Lang, the decisions are made here at the World Climate Conference in the Egyptian Sharm el-Sheikh – the so-called COP 27 – the governments. But the ministers have to get these at home through the parliaments. In this respect, you have an important role to play as a member of parliament and co-chair of the Greens. What do you notice at your first COP?

That a lot is moving. One example is Germany’s partnership with Pakistan as part of the Global Shield against Climate Risks. The “Global Shield” of the G7, launched on a German initiative, was announced at this COP. Germany has already pledged to provide 170 million euros to help particularly affected countries to prepare better for climate catastrophes. Of course, given the immense losses and damage caused by the climate crisis, this will not be enough. And it should not and cannot be a substitute for a common instrument for financing losses and damages. But it’s a moment when a country stops waiting and moves forward, and I’m sure many will follow. It was also positive when future Brazilian President Lula announced that Brazil was back on the world stage of international climate policy. His commitment to fighting the climate crisis and protecting the Amazon region is an important basis for international climate policy. Of course, the human rights situation in the host country is negative Egypt on. Demonstrations are difficult, there are many restrictions on the COP site.

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