The federal government’s “Queer Living” action plan

Dhe federal cabinet approved the “Queer Living” action plan on Friday. What is meant by this is the interdepartmental strategy for the protection of sexual and gender diversity announced in the coalition agreement. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and intersex people as well as all queer people (LSBTIQ*) are to be strengthened in six fields of action. Specifically, it is about legal recognition, participation, security, health, the strengthening of advisory structures and international issues.

Heike Schmoll

Political correspondent in Berlin, responsible for “Bildungswelten”.

Sven Lehmann, Federal Government Commissioner for the Acceptance of Sexual and Gender Diversity (Queer Commissioner), said at the presentation in Berlin, “With the action plan, the Federal Government wants to decisively counteract queer hostility and promote the acceptance of LGBTIQ in all areas in the long term.”

As part of a comprehensive reform of descent and family law, a draft law is to be presented next year, which should regulate that children in the marriage of two women should automatically have two legal mothers, unless otherwise agreed. So far, the spouse who is not the biological mother has had to adopt the child and go through a stepchild adoption process. Rainbow families are to be recognized within the framework of descent rights.

The so-called “small custody” for social parents is to be expanded and become a separate legal institution, which means that it can be transferred to two other adults in agreement with the legal parents. Agreements on legal parenthood, parental custody, rights of access and maintenance should be able to be settled before conception. The coalition agreement also provides for a community of responsibility institute, so that two or more adults can assume legal responsibility for one another beyond romantic relationships or marriage.

The so-called transsexual law is to be repealed and replaced by a self-determination law. The asylum procedures for queer refugees are to be reviewed, exclusion, violence and discrimination against all sexually differently oriented are to be punished more severely. To this end, gender-specific motives and motives directed against sexual orientation are to be expressly included as examples of inhuman motives and goals in the list of circumstances to be particularly taken into account in sentencing under Article 46 paragraph 2 sentence 2 of the Criminal Code. It is also to be examined how a report by the federal government on the crime-related safety of LGBTIQ could be prepared. Among the demands already agreed is the abolition of provisions for blood donation based on sexual identity and gender.

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