The federal and state governments are fighting for more money for buses and trains

9 euro ticket

The heads of the traffic light coalition had agreed for the planned next relief package to provide 1.5 billion euros annually for a nationwide local transport ticket.

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Berlin/Bremen The federal and state governments are wrestling with the high energy costs more money for local public transport and a Follow-up offer for the popular 9-euro tickets.

Brandenburg's head of department Guido Beermann (CDU) told the German Press Agency before a special conference of transport ministers on Monday: "The most urgent thing now is deal with skyrocketing energy costs and make public transport financially weatherproof.”

The federal government wants to get the federal states on board for joint financing of a permanent ticket, which should enable cheaper trips nationwide along the lines of the 9-euro ticket.

Saarland Prime Minister Anke Rehlinger (SPD) said that not only one ticket model should be brought to the fore in the discussion. Public transport needs to be expanded. "What use is the cheap bus that ultimately doesn't drive," she explained on Deutschlandfunk. "We need a big throw."

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She also expects the same from Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP), said Rehlinger. The 9 euro ticket was a great success. A financially weak federal state like Saarland needs the financial help of the federal government for a succession plan.

States should provide as much as the federal government

The heads of the traffic light coalition had agreed for the planned next relief package to provide 1.5 billion euros annually for a nationwide local transport ticket - if the states give at least as much.

The goal is a price between 49 and 69 euros per month. Wissing recently expressed confidence to a successor to the 9-euro tickets. He was "glad that we can and want to find a connection solution for the ticket by January".

The next regular conference of transport ministers is on 12./13. October, then it should also be about the future of public transport in general.

A follow-up offer for the 9-euro tickets plays into a long-lasting struggle for additional billions - namely to cushion increased costs for fuel and electricity, but also to expand the offer with more connections and clocks.

1.5 billion euros needed for public transport expansion

It is about the so-called regionalization funds of the federal government, with which the federal states and transport associations order services from the transport providers. Normally, 9.4 billion euros are already coming from Berlin this year, plus another billion from another pot.

Brandenburg's head of department, Beermann, said that just to maintain public transport, the states needed an extra 1.65 billion euros. A further 1.5 billion euros are needed for an expansion of public transport. “The discussion about tariffs must be incorporated here. The traffic light wants to bridle the horse from behind. That won't work," he said, referring to the debate about the 9-euro tickets.

The Association for the Environment and Nature Conservation Germany (BUND) emphasized that Germany can only achieve the climate goals with well-developed public transport with cheap and simple tariffs. "Under no circumstances should offers be restricted or ticket prices increased due to rising energy prices," said traffic expert Jens Hilgenberg.

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