The federal and state governments agree on a 49-euro ticket

The federal and state governments agree on a 49-euro ticket

Volker Wissing

The transport ministers of the federal states and the federal government have reached an agreement.

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Bremerhaven The federal and state governments have agreed on a successor to the 9-euro ticket. “The Conference of Transport Ministers has agreed to introduce the ticket for 49 euros,” said Transport Minister Volker Wissing on Thursday in Bremerhaven after two days of consultations. Of the FDP-Politicians announced a monthly and paperless public transport ticket that can be used throughout Germany and canceled monthly.

“Even though the negotiations were complex, we’re going out with a clear result,” said Wissing. Nevertheless, the questions about the financing of the ticket remain unresolved. According to Wissing, this would not have been possible without the finance ministers and prime ministers of the federal states. Nevertheless, the ticket should come as soon as possible. The goal for introduction is January 1, 2023. “That would be an ideal time.”

The federal states are ready to co-finance a 49-euro ticket That said Bremen’s Senator for Transport Maike Schaefer (Greens) as chairwoman of the Conference of Transport Ministers on Thursday in Bremerhaven. However, the federal states still generally want more money from the federal government to finance local transport, this is about so-called regionalization funds. The best ticket is useless if there is no bus.

The ticket should be offered as a subscription, but it should be possible to cancel it at any time. The future offer should be “just as uncomplicated” as the 9-euro ticket, said Wissing. The decision paper states that the federal government will provide 1.5 billion euros per year from 2023.

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The prime ministers have not yet been able to agree on financial issues with Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD). The aim of the federal government is funding by the states in the same amount. “The federal states are willing to co-finance under the condition of an agreement on the regionalization funds,” said Schaefer.

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