The end of the EC card can be expensive for customers

So well as everyone knows them, many have them: the giro card, often also as a EC card known. Whether in a restaurant, in the supermarket or in the cinema, pull out quickly and it's already paid. There are over 100 million giro cards across the country, more than residents. But just about this oh so popular card, a discussion was started that goes so far that some even speak of the end of the giro card.

Sarah Huemer

Editor in the "Value" department of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper.

The debate was triggered by an announcement by the American company Mastercard, one of the most important providers of giro cards. He announced some time ago that he would discontinue the Maestro function. That sounds like a technical subtlety, but it has far-reaching consequences. Maestro, known for the logo with the red and blue dots, ensures that the giro card also works abroad. In the beach bar in Italy, in the ski hut in Austria, in the city hotel in Paris. From July 2023, however, no new cards with a Maestro function will be issued.

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