“The Empress”: “Sisi” series gets second season

“The Empress”
“Sisi” series gets second season

Devrim Lingnau (Sisi) and Philip Froissant (Franz) in their Netflix hit "The Empress".

Devrim Lingnau (Sisi) and Philip Froissant (Franz) in their Netflix hit “The Empress”.

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The Netflix hit “The Empress” gets a second season. The streaming provider confirmed this with a video of the actors.

“The Empress” gets a second season. Netflix announced this on Instagram. In the short video, the main actors Devrim Lingnau (24, Sisi), Philip Froissant (28, Franz), together with their co-stars Almila Bagriacik (32) and Johannes Nussbaum (27), are happy about the continuation of the “Sisi” series . They will return together with Melika Foroutan (46) and Jördis Triebel (45).

The series is about Elizabeth “Sisi” and her love for Emperor Franz of Austria, which shook the power structure of the Habsburgs at the time. At the latest when she becomes his wife, she sees herself completely woven into a web of intrigues at the Viennese court.

Showrunner remains Katharina Eyssen, who is supported by Execute Producer Robert Eyssen. Sommerhaus Serial GmbH is realizing the series with the two producers Jochen Laube and Fabian Maubach. Scarlett Lacey also returns as executive producer. According to the press release, Laube is happy about the second season. The series is “still at the beginning of Empress Elisabeth’s life”. The producer is looking forward to “two more years together with Katie, Robert” and the actors and beyond, in a “wonderful team Netflix work [zu] allowed to.”

“The Empress” celebrates Netflix success

The reinterpretation of the story of Elisabeth of Austria (1837-1898) was not only popular in Germany. The German Netflix series is in the top 10 of the streaming provider in 88 countries worldwide. It is currently by far the most successful non-English language production on the trend charts.


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