The cult BMW is 50 years old

In Munich fifty years ago, at this time, there was only one topic, the Olympic Games. They began so happily and are forever overshadowed by the assassination attempt by Palestinian terrorists. Recently, the failure of the German police and how to deal with the families of the eleven Israeli victims was again a topic of discussion. Finally, an agreement was reached and compensation was paid. At that time, all of Germany was paralyzed, although the games went on. A new car from Munich wasn't really of interest at the time.

But he should bmw 520 set a milestone, it is the forefather of the 5 series, which is now in its seventh generation. The 5-series classification, which was based on an idea by Bob Lutz, Marketing Director at the time, was then successively extended to the entire model portfolio. Next for the 3 Series in 1975. This was the successor to the 02 Series.

In September 1972, the 520 inherited the BMW 2000, also known as "the new class", whose production ended in June. The last price for the 4.50 meter long sedan with its 100 hp engine with a displacement of 1.9 liters was just under 14,000 DM. For the 520, the engine, transmission and chassis remained basically the same, but were thoroughly revised. The body designed by Paul Bracq and the studio Bertone came in a completely new form. The four-door was above all more spacious and modern. However, the driven rear wheels were still delayed with drum brakes. With a size of 4.62 meters, the 520 was shorter than today's 3-series BMW, which measures 4.71 meters. There was 115 hp with the carburetor engine, 130 in the 520i with mechanical fuel injection. The prices were DM 14,490 and DM 15,670. The displacement of the four-cylinder was increased to 2.0 liters.

At that time, the FAZ ran the headline on its engine pages "Mature technology, elegantly packaged" (September 13). In December it was said in the big driving report that the 520 was the first BMW that you wouldn't insult to death with a defensive driving style. Of course you can still drive fast. In the test, the 520i consumed exactly 12 liters of Super per 100 kilometers.

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