“The Crown”: The two biggest casting mistakes of the fifth season – according to fans

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The two biggest casting mistakes of the fifth season of “The Crown” – if it’s up to the fans

"The Crown"

“The Crown”: Dominic West as Prince Charles and Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana

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The fifth season of the royal series “The Crown” is extremely popular on Netflix. But fans are particularly bothered by two of the stars. They were wrongly chosen, so the accusation.

First place in the Netflix-Charts and conversations lasting for days: “The Crown” causes a stir again. The fifth season of the series about the British Royal Family focuses on the nineties, more precisely: the marital problems of today’s King Charles III. and Princess Diana.

“The Crown”: Dominic West is considered the wrong choice

But despite the great popularity of the new season, fans are bothered by two stars: Dominic West as King Charles III. and Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II.

The biggest problem with Dominic West, who embodies the then Prince of Wales in the series: he looks too good. Especially on Twitter, users expressed their dissatisfaction with the casting-Choice air.

“How on earth do the creators of ‘The Crown’ expect us to accept someone as ridiculously good looking as Dominic West as Prince/King Charles? It’s like casting Brad Pitt for the role of Richard Casting Nixon,” wrote one viewer on the short message service. And he’s far from alone in that.

“This season of ‘The Crown’ is just unrealistic. And I’m tired of Netflix ignoring the elephant in the room. Dominic West is 8000x hotter than Charles ever was, is or will be,” commented another. Not only fans on Twitter are dissatisfied, reviewers also criticize the cast. As Vogue editor Michelle Ruiz captioned it: “Dominic West is way too hot to play Prince Charles.”

Dolores Umbridge as Queen

But not only west seems to have been a controversial choice. The cast of the Queen also causes displeasure. The late monarch is played by Imelda Staunton. The Brit is the victim of a typical film and television star problem: you associate her with one of her most famous roles. In several “Harry Potter” films, the actress embodied the short-term Hogwarts teacher Dolores Umbridge, who tortures Harry Potter in detention and bullies the other wizard’s apprentices. Umbridge is without question one of the most disliked characters in the Potter universe.

“I tried to give the season a chance but Imelda Staunton’s version of the queen in ‘The Crown’ is too like Dolores Umbridge and I keep expecting her to be carried away by a group of centaurs,” a frustrated viewer tweeted.

For supporters of the election, the criticism is a compliment. “I think it’s so funny that some people were bothered about casting Imelda Staunton as the Queen because all they can see is Umbridge. They have her [Dolores Umbridge] hated so much because she was undeniably brilliant. The same goes for ‘The Crown’ – nobody but her could have played that queen,” countered another viewer. Elizabeth Debicki, on the other hand, is almost unreservedly good as Princess Diana. “Elizabeth Debicki walks, talks, moves and looks like a princess Diana. This is an expensive, multi-dimensional achievement. Please shower them with awards,” commented one viewer Twitter.

Regardless of whether you approve or reject the two casting decisions: “The Crown” has done what a series has to do these days: it’s on everyone’s lips.

Sources: “Vogue” / Twitter

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