The Council of Economic Experts is calling for the top tax rate to be increased

Ethere is a bit of irony in the proposal: a new tax should be introduced, a solidarity surcharge on the occasion of the energy crisis – the old Soli is not even gone yet, 31 years after its introduction, which was supposed to be limited to one year.

Patrick Bernau

Responsible editor for economy and “value” of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper.

The demand that came from the economists last week is outrageous by their standards anyway. No one can remember when they ever demanded something like this: Up with the taxes! And if there are no energy solos, then the top tax rate should rise!

Germans currently pay the top tax rate from an annual income of around 60,000 euros. You can definitely achieve that as a technician in the Baden-Württemberg metal industry with some professional experience. With inflation, the income limit for the top tax rate will soon rise as well. Even the economists speak out against it.

“Justice To Our Children”

And as if all of this wasn’t surprising enough, the proposal was unanimous. What’s going on there? Have the economic wise men changed the political front?

The truth is: the composition is new. Two of the five members of the so-called “Council of Experts” have been newly appointed, and their political views are not necessarily as firmly established as those of their predecessors. But that’s not the whole point of your proposal.

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