The Chinese carmaker Nio also wants to sell in Germany

EIn a few days before Christmas 2021, William Li is sitting on the 31st floor of a skyscraper in Suzhou and has to explain that his company is Chinese. The 47-year-old man in sportswear and with a friendly expression wants to conquer Germany. Seven years earlier, Li in shanghai Founded Nio, a start-up for luxury electric cars. In 2021, Nio will sell 90,000 vehicles, more than double the number of the previous year. Nio has a large and a very large SUV on offer, which are cleanly finished and accelerate like a rocket.

Now the sedan ET7 is to go on sale, whose solid-state battery, which is still under development, should eventually have a range of 1000 kilometers. The ET7 should be available in Germany in 2022. The price has not yet been determined, but for the basic version with a small battery that can cover 500 kilometers, in China the equivalent of 56,000 euros. A lot of money for a car from a country that doesn’t have the best reputation in Germany.

The war of China’s “best friend” Wladimir Putin against Ukraine has not yet started, for which Beijing will later express “sympathy” and describe the invasion as a “necessary measure”. The month-long lockdown in Shanghai, during which German families are also held captive in their homes and prevented from leaving the country, is still a long way off. The crisis surrounding the island of Taiwan, which threatens to degenerate into a third world war, has not yet begun. And the United Nations human rights report, which says China may have committed crimes against humanity in the persecution of the Uyghur Muslim minority, will not be released until September 2022.

But in surveys, two out of three Germans are already calling for a “tougher approach” towards China because of the horrific reports from Xinjiang. It is foreseeable that three quarters of all Germans will soon state that they view China negatively – much more than a few years ago. So who should be in Hamburg or Munich for the price of a Tesla throw a Nio from China out the door, only to have neighbors and friends tell you that he is supporting a dictatorship?

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