The CDU decides on a quota for women and a compulsory year - politics

Quota for women, violent attacks against the government and a mandatory year of society - the party conference of the Christian Democrats has a lot to offer. However, proposals for solving the acute crisis remain scarce.


Boris Herrman and Christopher KoopmannHanover

the CDU goes where it hurts, especially to herself. There is no other way of explaining why the delegates at the party congress in Hanover, after this tough and long discussion on Friday evening, expected themselves to have such a challenging semantic debate the very next morning. It is about three lines in the "Charter of Fundamental Values", which should be the basis for a new basic program. The question on which the 1001 delegates, judging by their tired eyes still slightly hungover from the party the previous evening, are biting their teeth: Does the CDU want to stand for "equality", for "equal rights" or for "Equality of Opportunity"?

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