“The Bachelorette”: Sharon breaks Emanuell’s heart

“The Bachelorette”
Sharon breaks Emanuell’s heart

Sharon finds the decisions increasingly difficult.

Sharon finds the decisions increasingly difficult.

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Two men have to leave at breakfast, but the decision after the dream dates is particularly dramatic for one man.

Shock in the morning, grief and worries: The semi-finals of the “Bachelorette” (final Thursday, July 28, 8:15 p.m.) begin completely atypical for the format and also surprising for the men or RTL+) already with two expulsions.

At brunch in the aircraft hangar, Sharon spontaneously throws out a round of roses – and two men. Tom and Alex are sawed off so close to the Dreamdates. For the rest – Emanuell, Lukas, Steffen and Jan – it goes to Bangkok.

The first dream date is a classic: sightseeing flight with Steffen, including lots of kisses. While eating over the rooftops of the city, there are relaxed conversations and loving compliments, but no moments “when the air is on fire,” as Sharon reports afterwards. Nevertheless, she is already clear: “If all four dream dates go so well, then I will be torn in the end.”

Lukas, Sharon and the bathtub

And that is how it is supposed to be. When they meet Lukas on a yacht, the production also puts the same bathtub on the deck in which the lovebirds had their first dream date in front of the moon. Cuddling in it, the two even briefly consider whether they want to leave the show together early. The matter is clear, Sharon sums it up: “Yes, the fire is burning – ablaze.”

Emanuell confesses his feelings to Sharon

For Emanuell, the bachelorette wants a little more action: he can or must walk down a house wall with her – from the 30th floor. The adrenaline rush just before the descent completely exhausts both of them: “Do you know how scared I am right now?” says Emanuell and stretches out his trembling hand to Sharon. She takes it and replies: “I’m crying!” The two overcome each other, the experience connects: “I’m very proud of us that we did it – together.” In the evening it doesn’t get any less intense: Emanuell opens up, talks about his difficult past and openly admits his feelings to Sharon. With the deep talk he triggers a lot in her: “I get to a point where it’s no longer just about stimulus, but that my heart slowly begins to resonate.”

It’s Jan’s turn last: The two want their paraglidingFlight catch up, which had been prevented by the rain in Phuket. This time it’s going to be even bigger: skydiving, jumping out of an airplane. The two are completely overwhelmed: “No one can take this moment in the air from us.” After the adrenaline rush, the two imagine a common everyday life and get closer again. Almost in desperation, Sharon then admits that this date was also wonderful. The problem is obvious: “I fell in love – but not just in one man.”

Surprising expulsion

When she last night the roses comes with three flowers attached, as a spectator you only ask yourself whether Steffen actually realizes that he has to go now. And is surprised: Despite deep talk and great feelings, Sharon Emanuell throws out. In private and in tears, she tries to explain to him that they needed more time. But he is so disappointed that he can no longer look her in the eye: “I opened up to you, I fought, I stuck to it – and fell on my face.”


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