“The Bachelor”: The 23 candidates for David Jackson

“The Bachelor”: The 23 candidates for David Jackson

“The Bachelor”
The 23 candidates for David Jackson

David Jackson is the Bachelor of the new season.

David Jackson is the Bachelor of the new season.

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In March, “Der Bachelor” will start a new season on RTL. The broadcaster has now presented the 23 candidates for David Jackson for the first time.

A total of 23 candidates are fighting for the heart of David Jackson (32) in the new “The Bachelor” season. RTL now has introduced the women for the first timewho may fall in love with Dominik Stuckmann’s (31) successor on TV. The broadcaster is now offering an overview of the current participants on its website.

A candidate has already worked for “Let’s Dance”.

Alyssa (36) describes herself as “easy going, blingbling, adventurous”, for Angelina (28) meanwhile it is “boredom […] the worst”. Chiara (26), who says she cannot flirt, “but can provoke excellently”, could perhaps bring momentum to the show.

Colleen (27) has been single for three years, Dahwi (23) wants to go “all in” if Jackson is the right one and Danielle (28) is looking for a man who is self-confident, humorous and charismatic. Dancer Fiona (29) has already worked on choreographies for the RTL hit format “Let’s Dance” and Giovanna (27) has “a huge heart”.

Humor is also very important for Henriette (25), Jana (27) would like to go on a date with him Bachelor a lot of action and Leyla (26) is looking for a partner who doesn’t care whether she shows herself in “sexy underwear” or in “Spongebob” pajamas. Lisa M. (32) would like to “reach for the stars” with a friend, Lisa R. (27) is looking for a new man by her side after a failed marriage and Maike (25) sees herself as the “perfect mix bundle of energy and a haven of peace”.

According to Saskia, there is “no boyfriend material” in Münster

Manina (30) likes to play video games (“Call of Duty”) and co-candidate Mariam (30) searches in her partner especially for loyalty. Nevin, 30, is “a lovely, funny, (sometimes too) compassionate person” but also “very impatient”. Meanwhile, Pamela (25) is particularly into “alpha men”.

It remains to be seen whether Rebecca (28) will find “true love” in the new bachelor and Saskia (29) is looking for a partner on the dating show because “there is no more boyfriend material” in Münster. Tami (29) wants to remain herself on the show and not pretend. Xenia (30) has been for the past four years single “Dating as a hobby, almost as a part-time job,” and Yolanda (26) is looking for a man who is “present and aware of who and what he is”.

And David Jackson? The new bachelor wants four relationships and three years as a single “finally met the right person with whom I can also tackle the topic of family planning”. The first new “Bachelor” episode will be shown on RTL on March 1st at 8:15 p.m. on television. On the in-house streaming service RTL+ the season premiered a week earlier.


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