The aroma miracle from the Rhône

The aroma miracle from the Rhône

Condrieu is a village. Not a tiny village, but with its barely 4,000 inhabitants, it is no more than an idyllic nest that nestles a bit sleepily on the western bank of the Rhône in the foothills of the French Massif Central. It is about eleven kilometers to the north of the next city of Vienne, and a good 44 kilometers to Lyon. Who does not care for Wine interested, he probably rushes past carelessly on the nearby Autobahn 7. But in the world of wine, Condrieu is a number. Like so many small wine-growing communities – from Barolo and Montalcino to Meursault and Châteauneuf-du-Pape to Bernkastel-Kues and Kiedrich – this place, which was founded in the 3rd century BC, has also achieved worldwide attention and fame.

Since the early 1980s, with increasing international recognition, the name Condrieu has stood for large, aromatic, complex wines white wines, which are made exclusively from the Viognier grape. The small AOC Condrieu, i.e. the protected area of ​​origin, includes six other surrounding communities. About 90 winegrowers manage the approximately 200 hectares of vineyards with exceptionally steep terraces along the Rhône. The wines are famous above all for their unmistakable aromas: the powerful bouquet is characterized by fresh fruit, primarily apricot and peach, as well as floral notes, especially violet notes. Ideally, Condrieu leaves an unbelievably lush, round and full-bodied impression on the palate.

Such an ideal case is the drop of Michel Tardieu, who is considered one of the best winemakers in France. He also bottles wines from other Rhône AOCs and from Provence and is known for his style characterized by depth and complexity. This finds perfect expression in his Condrieu: It is a wine with an enormously intense, highly aromatic nose and fruitiness, minerality and fullness on the palate that can hardly be surpassed. A wonderful companion for fish and vegetables as well as Asian dishes.

Like all wines from the Condrieu, this drop is not exactly cheap, but it is an impressive and not everyday choice for a special occasion. You can get the Condrieu by Michel Tardieu at and for just under 50 euros per bottle.

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