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Mia, 14, finds solace with her friends or her mother, Christian, 77, working in the garden. In this column they talk about how young and old people see the world and master their lives.

Christian, 77, lives in Rhineland-Palatinate and likes to sing in a choir.

Column: The Ways of Age: undefined
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“When I’m sad, I like to go into the garden. Then work calls, that distracts me. I like being alone with my sadness. I try to deal with it by working with my hands. My daughter is quite comfortable with it understood early on when she was still very small. I was just pottering in the garden. Then my daughter said to my wife: “Dad is just building a new garden wall? Is he ill?”

A few weeks ago an uncle of mine passed away. Something in his garden has helped me through this loss very well: his bees. My uncle was a beekeeper, that was his passion. He even offered a beekeeping club in our local school to get young people interested in bees. When he got sick a few years ago, I took over his bees. You remind me of him. At the same time, they give me an occupation that often allows me to forget the grief for a short time.”

Mia, 14, lives in Sindelfingen and is interested in astrology. Your zodiac sign is Taurus.

Column: The Ways of Age: undefined
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“When I’m sad, I usually listen to music. Especially when I haven’t cried in a while. Sometimes you have to let it out, right? My favorite sad song is “Atlantis” by Seafret. Sad movies help a lot too well, I like to watch “Like a single day”.

If I’m sad about something bad, I try to talk to someone. For example with friends. It’s crazy, quite often a smile from a good friend helps me. Or a call to my mom. I used to be very sad at school. Once, for example, a good friend simply cut off contact with me. We were a big group of friends, she felt left out. Then all of a sudden she didn’t talk to anyone anymore. Not even with me, although I tried very hard. I was already very down then. I went to the bathroom and called my mom.

We also have social workers at the school. You can go to them if you have a bigger problem. I think that’s really important. Although I’ve never gone there, it gives me security. I know that there is always someone who cares about me and listens to me.”

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