The act of Illerkirchberg: talking about migration

The act of Illerkirchberg: talking about migration

AOn Monday, a refugee from Eritrea injured a young girl so badly with a knife that she died. We don’t yet know why he did this, and perhaps never will. Unfortunately, that doesn’t matter for the political debate. It always follows the same pattern: politicians are “deeply shaken”. Circles whose business model is racism triumph, whereupon the other side warns that the case must not be exploited under any circumstances.

There is hardly a topic that is as charged as flight and migration, none that is so nonchalantly turned against the supposed opponent from all sides. Mariam Lau from “Zeit”, a journalist who really is not suspected of xenophobia, had to experience this years ago when she discussed the problem of the private rescue of boat people. It could have been a liberation – and ended in a shitstorm.

With a lot of goodwill, one can also attest to the CSU that in the asylum dispute with the CDU in 2018 it tried to tackle the problems that Merkel was covering up. But she got lost and today only tackles the issue with pliers for fear of counter-mobilization. However, there is no progress like this. You can see that in the debate about the recent high number of refugees. The interior ministers demand that the federal government do more to relieve the local authorities. The federal government says it is already doing a lot. But one should not talk about any problems and thus endanger the welcoming culture.

refuge and home

It would be important to talk about flight and migration in general. One might then find that large sections of the population are thinking more rationally and less controversially than some politicians fear. Here is an attempt to get to the heart of the impression gained during research trips and visits to relatives. 1. Before people languish in refugee homes, it is better to let them work immediately, possibly even to oblige them to do so. 2. People who are integrated should be allowed to stay. 3. People who don’t have a chance to stay shouldn’t come in the first place. 4. Immigration can be as enriching as it can be a burden or a threat.

5. Diversity is beautiful. But diversity also means that different countries are still recognizable as such. 6. It is a coincidence in which country one is born, an injustice. One should balance them out, but not believe that one can heal them by decoupling the important organizing principle of the state from the people of the state. 7. It is understandable that people want to go where they have better chances of a good life. However, the opportunities are linked to limiting immigration. 8. Those who fear for their lives should find refuge. 9. Home is important. Migration should not be an end in itself.

If you want to talk straight about such things, you should be clean yourself. German and European politics have some catching up to do. The Italians are criticized for electing a right-wing government. At the same time, it is accepted that the legal situation leaves Italy alone with the refugees. People talk about free trade and combating the causes of flight and practice agricultural protectionism themselves, which harms the countries of origin. And because you have legions of advisors, lawyers and coaches yourself, but not enough nurses, doctors or skilled workers, you lure them away from their countries of origin. But please only the good ones.

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