That’s what the Germans were looking for in 2022

Weat what are akra? If not, you’re in good company. The question was searched most frequently compared to the previous year, as from the year in review by Google emerges. And if you are now wondering why people would want to know something like this: Immediately after the Wikipedia hit on Akren, Google also provides a suitable article. It was a question from the show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” and it was about a whopping 900,000 euros. Incidentally, acrals are the outermost parts of the body, such as fingers and toes. The candidate, without Google and on her own, passed – and went home with 290,000 euros.

Year after year, the search engine’s review provides insights into the big and small things that people in Germany have been dealing with – Google’s After all, the market share for online searches is more than 80 percent. The search engine evaluates which inquiries have the highest percentage growth compared to the previous year.

Other rather small things this year included FDP politicians Christian Lindner and journalist Franca Lehfeldt, who took first place in the weddings category, also Saharastaub (“Why is the sky yellow”, fourth place in the why questions), and of course “Layla”, the controversial song by DJ Robin & Schürze. Johnny Depp and his former wife Amber Heard overtook Boris Becker, who was sentenced to prison in April, and Will Smith, who slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars, in the personalities category with their tangled libel case.

The Ukraine war and Corona are the big topics

However, the topic that obviously occupied users the most was the Russian war of aggression. “Ukraine” was the term with the greatest growth, too Wladimir Putin was googled significantly more frequently than in the previous year. The Germans wanted to know why the war broke out, why Ukraine is not in NATO, what NATO actually is, and how many soldiers Germany has. And there were still many unanswered questions about the Corona crisis this year: How long does the quarantine last, how long is a PCR test, how long does the infection last? There was also a lot of searching for monkeypox, now renamed Mpox, which spread around the world that year.

The soccer World Cup has made it into the trends as a current topic: the 2022 World Cup is in second place overall, ahead of the Olympics. The women’s European Championship ended up in seventh place. When it comes to the why questions, they then outperform the men: “Why doesn’t Alexandra Popp play?” made it to third place – the team around captain Manuel Neuer did not appear in the other top ten questions, nor did Love bandage.

Incidentally, “Wordle” – an online game in which a word with five letters has to be guessed – won out globally. However, as a new word created from the English terms “word” and “riddle”, things were easy in the trends.

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