Tesla is interested in battery raw material supplier Sigma Lithium

Tesla is interested in battery raw material supplier Sigma Lithium

Dhe American electric car manufacturer Tesla According to circles, it is considering taking over the battery raw materials group Sigma Lithium. The car producer of company boss and billionaire Elon Musk has spoken to possible advisors about an offer, the Bloomberg news agency reported on Friday evening, citing informed people.

Sigma lithium wants to mine lithium in a major project in Brazil, a required raw material for the currently common lithium-ion battery technology.

Lithium has become more expensive

The price of lithium has risen sharply in the past year. The raw material could become scarce as production of electric cars ramps up, especially in the second half of the decade.

The considerations are at an early stage and the project could also burst, it said. In addition, Sigma is only one option for Tesla to participate in sponsors.

Sigma Lithium is 46 percent owned by Brazilian financial investor A10 Investimentos, which is said to be considering selling its stake.

Tesla spoke to Bloomberg not to the information. Sigma Lithium stock is up about a quarter in US after-hours trading. At the closing price in regular trading, the company’s market value was just under 3.1 billion US dollars (2.9 billion euros).

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